Water, in various forms and shapes, flows through the streams of this world, creating and sustaining life of all species. In the cracks of the surface, where the reflection breaks, you see that the water is filled with cloudy particles, threatening soon to seize the entire stream. This grey cloudy water will be flooding every river bed, every current, flux, every creek. Trickling down to the roots of the oldest tree. Turning its branches into dead wood and its fruit into hollow shroud.

In depth, the conflict is not between ancient or modern, it is the crude idea of domination. Within the scientific practice and consequently the education of Western Civilization, roots a feeling of superiority over peoples who follow different parameters. Somehow the other is destined to fade away, as if they are failed attempts of being modern, failed attempts of being humans.


Caught up in our individual pursuit of happiness and prosperity, we risk to fail to recognize what richness and diversity of life we will loose, once every component of life follows the same valuation system. The diversity of ethnicities, languages and cultures is a gift, that allows us to learn, thrive and stay fascinated and amazed by the life around us. Culture is not trivial, it is a body of knowledge that allows the individuals to make sense of the infinite sensations of consciousness. To find meaning and order in a universe that ultimately has neither. Once you question values of a community, you do not just take away their structure, laws, traditions and ethical code, but their identity.